About Us

Providing high quality education in the field of Make-up Artistry

Rola Beauty Academy

Rola Beauty Academy is the leading makeup school in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, which specializes in teaching creative, cutting-edge makeup application to next generation makeup artists.

We help develop your ability, creativity and style. Our unique and progressive beauty courses are designed both for beginners as well as industry professionals looking to enhance their skills. The advanced training techniques we offer produce leading hair and make-up artists, ready to impress in any sphere of the globe.

Our courses combine foundational knowledge, practical training and business building skills to deliver industry ready artists. Student satisfaction is our main priority, which is backed with the unlimited support we provide all our students after each course.

About Rola Youssif

Rola Youssif founded Rola Beauty Academy in 2015. Her journey in this industry started in 2013 in the City of Angels and the birthplace of Hollywood, Los Angeles. She worked there as a makeup artist trying to absorb as many makeup techniques, tips and tricks to build a successful career.

Having quickly realized her potential in the industry, and making many contacts through her professional and driven work-ethic, she soon turned her attention to making her vision of opening her own makeup school, come to reality. She succeeded in opening the top makeup academy back home at Saudi Arabia, thus filling in the huge gap of beauty education in the country.

Rola Youssif is currently working on furthering her dream and passion, by developing a full-fledged beauty school, offering a variety of courses beyond makeup.

Rola Beauty Team

Quality education and integrity is of utmost importance to us at Rola Beauty Academy. All our courses are taught by highly experienced and dedicated professionals that are well-versed with the current trends in the industry. The market is continuously evolving in today’s dynamic industry which makes this current knowledge a valuable asset for all students.

Our educators are the best in the business with the knowledge to help you achieve great success. All our students receive detailed teaching on technical techniques and skills. The carefully crafted courses by Rola and her team help students gain new perspective on the makeup industry.

Why Choose Us

Top of the Line Free Makeup Kits

At Rola Beauty Academy we are committed to providing the products and means to allow each student to excel in this exciting, competitive industry. View Courses

Repeat Classes as many times as you Wish

Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive training.  Repeat classes as many times as you want to maximize creativity & reinforce the skills that are required to work at a professional level in today’s make-up industry. View Courses

Enjoy Special Discounts in Makeup Stores & More

All our students are entitled to receive great deals and discounts in leading makeup stores, thus giving you an added bonus in furthering your growth into this industry. View Courses

Certified Courses

All our courses are certified,  that gives you the opportunity to develop technical skill excellence to change your personal & professional life to jump-start your career. View Courses