Personal Makeup Classes

دورات فردية و مجموعات



This class suitable for beginner, medium level of makeup addict and teaching students how to use makeup on them selves, understand their own skin type, undertone and learn the most important tricks to achieve flawless makeup by applying foundation correctly and smoothly, how to highlight and contour properly, what suits her own face shape and they will learn to do two styles of eye makeup (Day and Night Makeup), fake lashes application, blusher and lipsticks.

Group Class

Students Number: 4 students maximum
Duration: 3 Days, 5 hours a day
Days: Thursday - Saturday
Time: 5 hours / 6 pm - 11pm
Cost: 3500 SAR

Class Schedule- Group Class

May 11-12-13
June 15-16-17
July 13-14-15
Aug 17-18-19
Sep 21-22-23
Oct 19-20-21
Nov 23-24-25

1:1 Class

Students number: 1 Student
Duration: 2 Days, 4 hours a day
Schedule: Upon Request
Cost: 5000 SAR

Class Privileges

  • All practice products will be provided by the academy
  • 4 Students will be taken maximum in each class
  • Student will learn on their own faces how to apply makeup
  • Makeup application everyday on the class
  • ​Under tone analysis with color specialist
  • Repeat classes for free

Goodie Bag Description

  • Sigma brushes travel kit (7 basic brushes + brush cup)
  • Color switch, Vermona
  • Beauty Blender
  • Cailyn, facial gel wash
  • Makeup curriculum
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Rola Beauty Student Discount Card

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