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Rola Beauty Academy specializes in highly informative, interactive and productive makeup classes which provide different beauty workshops and corporate training’s which can be customized upon request.

Our mission to serve corporates in the beauty industry by training their beauty employees, sales representative, retailers, makeup artists and trainers.

Our vision is to take beauty employees to the next level in beauty education and customer service and changing the beauty culture by raising up their beauty and product knowledge.

Thanks for your interest in hiring us, Kindly apply your training request by filling the application below, fill it as per your request and we will get back to you in 3 working days with special offer based on your request.

Modern Styles

Our team is highly skilled and fluent in all of the latest make-up trends and techniques.

Personalized Attention

We’ll always go out of our way to meet your needs and provide one-on-one training to all our Students.

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